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Why We Sell Coffee

Why We Sell Coffee


Why do we sell coffee from Kansas City?

Yes, we want a good business, and our roaster provides a great product, but there truly is a heart to it.

Once this business was started, one thing was clear quickly; the people who make this coffee are amazing and have stories that need to be shared.

Not just the roasters or owners, but the barista or cafe manager. Each one of the people has a part to play in the coffee we all enjoy.

Alex from Hammerhand has put everything in his company and hopes to build a community that will last decades. He works on his coffee so his family and employees can thrive.

John at Broadway vowed to take a coffee giant down with excellent coffee in historic Westport, and he did.

Craig at the Roasterie spends each morning checking the quality of the coffee you buy and maintains strong relationships with farmers across the globe.

Mike, the head roaster at PT’s, spends his time roasting with love and the intention to represent the coffee farmers grow the best he can.

Messenger Coffee is full of people with the same vision to do good with their coffee. They support local and international charities. Giving back to the entire supply chain.

These statements are just a snapshot of the fantastic people that make our coffee in Kansas City. They are what inspired KC Coffee Collective. We desire to share their stories and spread their coffee.

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